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Fish market in your phone

The Asmaki app is an integrated fresh fish market in your mobile phone
One click on your phone and in just a few minutes
Order all fresh fish you want, and it is delivered to your door at the time you specify.
We guarantee that your fish will get the highest quality fish.
Taste delicious variety of varieties without going to the market or spending too much time and being crowded.

Application features

Easily enjoyable shopping

If you are a fish lover and find pleasure in choosing from the fish market, but you do not have time now to go to the market and want a better way, the Asmaki application has provided you with a variety of fish, download the application now and choose what you want from fresh fish from your mobile phone.

Choose what you want from your mobile phone

The application provides you with multiple types of fish, competitive prices while providing the highest quality standards, all on your phone without effort or effort, with the ease of using the application to make it easier for the generous user to reach what he wants.

We deliver you to the door of the house

We offer you various payment options including credit and debit cards and pay cash on delivery, choose the right one for you and be assured, and we will reach you to the door of the house on time and your request is ready and better than you wish.

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